Dr N K Khetarpaul


We believe everyone like all of us has a piece of God within us. When I say God I mean we all have sanity, purity, wisdom, consciousness, power to see good and bad, differentiate between holiness and evil. It is to awaken the real and clean the unreal that our program aims at. We always succeed in our hard dedicated endeavor to bring the erring to the righteous path. The real challenge lies a head when patient goes back to his previous environment. This post treatment part is most vital for us and also for the relatives of the patient. We all have to work collectively to keep him on the track. It is a long journey and the patient and the attendants tend to forget the misery they have been through. They tend to stop the treatment after the patient is seen healthy for sometime. Our results are probably the best in the world or at least they are comparable to the best in the whole world.

Good for your health

Don’t drink sugar calories

Sugary drinks are among the most
fattening items for your body.

Avoid junk food

Processed junk food is incredibly

Don’t smoke, drink alcohol or do abuse drugs

Consider avoid completely smoke,
abuse drugs or drink alcohol.

Drink Water

Drinking enough water can have
numerous benefits.

Get enough sleep

Poor sleep disrupt your appetite
hormones, & reduce your physical &
mental performance.

Do Exercise or Yoga

Exercise & yoga is one of the best
things you can do for your
mental and physical health.

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