Poison Treatment

Poison Treatment

Dr. N.K. Khetarpaul, (Khetarpaul Hospital Hisar) dealing with all types of poisons.

We have been dealing with the cases of poisoning since the inception of this hospital. The interest in such cases grew due to Dr. Khetarapaul’s stint as chief of casualty department of Post graduate Institute of Medical Sciences Rohtak ( Haryana ) for about three years. It was an experience of E.R. kind. The confidence in dealing with dying grew there and its medico-legal aspects were well rehearsed there. Narinder’s revered professor Dr. S. P. Gupta had instilled in him the mechanics of attending an emergency. Swiftness, safety, predicting the course of the disease and instituting remedial measures in advance were some of the well learned lessons which became a matter of routine in practice.

The most commonly seen are organophosphorous, organochlorines and aluminium phosphide ( Celphos ). To recall a few of the poisonings that we have come across we may cite the followings: Poisonings due to barbiturates, diazepam, methaquinolone, imipramine, tri-imipramine, nitrazepam, paracetamol, copper sulphate, anti mosquito mats & coils, sulfuric, nitric, hydrochloric acids, caustic soda, petrol, phenyl, naphthalene, paraquat, potassium cyanide, glass, mercury, zinc sulphide and other rhodenticides, malathion, DDT, BHC, anti lice preparations, methyl alcohol, talcum powder, kitchen gas, carbon monoxide, scorpion bite, bites of snakes of different varieties with different presentations etc. The whole gambit of arrhythmia’s, shock, acid base balance, haemopoetic changes, heart failures, adult respiratory distress syndrome, multiple organ failure, septicemia, DIC, ventilatory failure renal failure etc are all dealt with.

About 90% of organophosphorous and 60 % of celphos poisonings are saved. Generally speaking we have the best possible survival rate due mainly efficient staff, standardizes treatment plan and to the 24 hours availability of Dr. Khetarpaul who resides in the hospital complex above the hospital floors.